Incentives for early active community members

I would like to express my thoughts about the decision of the team regarding the incentives. I think its good to give a chance to new participants definitely, however I believe that the time that users spent with the project is still pretty important.
I believe those who were with KYVE since Moonbase Alpha should be differentiated somehow in the future, that would be kinda fair cause it was rly a long time ago and lots of work was done to be an active validators in moonbase alpha + noobody was even talking about any incentives at that time.

Imho this amount of points for that is not a proper way reward those participants.

I would appreciate if it will be discussed among KYVE team members


I talked to some KYVE ambs and members of my team, as one of the possible we see the bigger token Unlock percentage on the TGE for the badge owners. Given that there are only 300 Moonbase alpha badges - that shouldnt damage the token price on the listing

However there are probably also some other ways


I gonna write my opinion here also. I believe that those who began early had also better start options (more tokens, better knowledge) They have chances to use it. Those who started, later on, were forced to work a little bit more to be high on the list. Looks fair to me.


I’ve been holding a node since then, earning a rating of 600+. I think it’s pretty good. I’d rather get into a validator set in the future, get a delegation in appreciation, than just points.

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I’ve been on the project since the beginning. I had my test tokens displayed in metamask as well. and I wasn’t given any badge at all. Although I filled out the forms and wrote in discord.


Can you send me a message on Discord please kedieo#5574

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Check the nickname please

Yes, I agree and fully support your opinion. It took a lot of time and effort to earn test tokens in an honest way


i would like to express my experience working as active community member i found KYVE is most attractive & interactive creative designed user friendly interface i ever experienced i work so many projects but for Kyve its outclass protocol i found all activities are organized plus delegation staking arranged in very decipline manner i would like to thanks to all KYVE team for their hard work and this project sucessfull and i hope KYVE with go high.

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It’s a good idea!
Early adopters are the golden asset of the project


Myself as well, I runned the node since moonbase alpha and also think that a delegation will be a good reward other than just points


Hello. I’ve been holding a node since then, earning a rating of 201.