KYVE at Lisbon Blockchain Week 2022

Authors: Margaux, Paul

Date: 13 October 2022


This proposal draft requests approval and seeks input from the KYVE DAO regarding the KYVE team’s participation at a few of the main blockchain events (detailed below) taking place during Lisbon Blockchain Week 2022, one of the largest blockchain weeks in Europe.

Proposal details:

  • October 31st, KYVE’s co-founder will speak on a panel at IOSG’s Old Friends Reunion Conference as well as host a booth.
    • KYVE will be a partner of the event, joining 100+ other projects such as Polygon, Metamask, Arweave, etc.;
    • Panel topics: data analytics, scalability, and management – all very relevant to KYVE’s mission;
    • An expected 500+ attendees.
  • November 1st - 4th, KYVE will have a booth at WebSummit along with KYVE’s CEO giving a talk on the importance of data validation.
    • “World’s premier tech conference”;
    • The event’s partnered projects: Binance, Filecoin, AWS, Certik, and more;
    • An expected 70k+ attendees
  • November 4th - 6th, KYVE will attend Solana Breakpoint to speak with other growing projects and their communities.
    • Event goal for the Solana ecosystem’s community members to learn, build and connect.
  • TBD: During this week we will also attempt to participate in 3 side events with other leading Web3 projects. These decisions are still to be determined as the events are still under preparation.

Objectives of Representing KYVE at these Events:

  1. To increase exposure, in the end increasing the amount of KYVE users and partners, adding more data into our data lake, more funders in the pool economics, and overall increased use of the $KYVE token.
  2. To further connect with the growing, international developer and node runner communities as well as give one-on-one time to our dedicated community members attending the events.
  3. To educate the Web3/blockchain community on the importance of using valid, immutable data for scalable building via unique KYVE use case examples.

Benefits – Why Should the KYVE DAO Approve this Proposal:

Having KYVE representatives at the above-stated events and activities will bring on many short and long-term benefits for the KYVE Network. Not only is it one of the most visited conference weeks of the year in Europe, expanding our international reach, but each event ties in perfectly with KYVE’s overall mission of streamlining Web3 builders’ access to valid, immutable data.

More importantly, this experience will also give our team great opportunities in creating stronger ties with current partners, as well as create new connections with projects and organizations we have not yet expanded our solution to.

Short-term achievements would include an increase in partnerships, co-marketing actions, visibility of our upcoming products, community growth, and most importantly – new KYVE app users.

Long-term achievements would include further development of unique KYVE use cases, more participation in KYVE’s data lake enforcing a stronger network, and increased use of the $KYVE token, stabilizing and increasing its overall value and purpose.


Voting on this proposal will take place on October 19th

By voting YES on this proposal, you agree that the KYVE team should represent KYVE at these events.

By voting NO on this proposal, you disagree that the KYVE team should represent KYVE at these events.

By voting NO WITH VETO, you disagree with the overall Lisbon trip.

By voting ABSTAIN, you decline to give an opinion on this proposal.

Organizing Team and Proposers:

Margaux Stancil (Twitter/Linkedin)

Marketing manager at KYVE, having previously helped organize KYVE events during conferences in Paris earlier this year.

Paul Bramas (Twitter/Linkedin)

Community Manager at KYVE, having previously organized and participated in conferences not only for KYVE but also for Binance as a Binance Angel.


I am based in Lisbon, if you need anything here let me know!


will it be like a governance proposal as before or we will have to vote right here?

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insure agree!!! its a great chance for KYVE to go to all the world!


I believe that Kyve will be an super excited project on all blockchain ecosystem.
I can’t wait…
I will stay tuned closely…
Thnaks Kyve


thanks for sharing the plan.

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Totally agree, you need to go! The possibility to make new connections and show KYVE to the world, should not be missed!


Agree, KYVE must be there

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Good news, glade to know KYVE expand partnerships

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Great! Surely Yes) Wating for the event impatiently!

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Of course, this is a great opportunity to establish new relationships, show and tell everyone about kyve!!!

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So good, wait to KYVE :grinning:

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If we organise any side event we would be more than happy if you can join us :slight_smile:

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this is great news!!! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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a great opportunity for new acquaintances.
very good for our beloved KYVE project.
good luck guys!

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good very nice <3 <3

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very good wait to kyve

great kyve.very good news

Kyve is super! I voted Yes! Done :ok_hand:

Friends fully agree that KYVE should participate in this event

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